dimanche, décembre 14, 2008

Le message de Dadi Janki pour la paix dans le monde

“ Quel monde naîtra de cet hiver de guerres, de peines, de pollution et de morts ? En hiver, on prépare le printemps. Ceux qui ont une vision positive de l'avenir envisagent un monde où tout est libre et où le potentiel humain est pleinement épanoui. Nous avons besoin de leur vision pour nous emmener dans ce monde. ”
Dadi Janki

Pour ceux qui lisent l'anglais, voici le message de Dadi Janki pour la paix dans le monde, publié, au mois de novembre, suite aux récents événements qui ont secoué la ville de Mumbai (ex-Bombay), en Inde.

Om Shanti and heartfelt wishes of peace to my brothers and sisters,
We say “Om shanti” to draw on the power of peace within us. I, the soul, am peace. We are
then reminded whose children we are – of God, the Ocean of Peace.
We have all been hearing the news of what is happening in Mumbai. It is important at such times to turn our minds consciously towards spreading the power of peace and love everywhere. This strengthens our ability to face and deal with what we see and hear. Thinking or speaking too much about such incidents only increases worry and fear.
Difficulties and challenges are increasing every day. How can we continue to support ourselves and others through crisis? We are reminded by the Supreme: “Children, before such conditions prevail in the world, stabilise your mind and intellect and become unshakeable, so that you are able to give your co-operation and support to all those who are suffering.”
At such times, the greatest help we can give people who are physically far away is to keep an attitude of good wishes and pure feelings. These vibrations reach souls in distress, giving them hope and a feeling of subtle support.
Now, more than ever, it is essential to keep God in our thoughts. Go within, become introverted and, with a still and concentrated mind and intellect, connect yourself with God. With the connection to the one Supreme, you will become light, receive might and enable God’s power to do its work.
To be helpful at such times means to stay in God’s remembrance and send out vibrations of peace. The power of God’s love can reach anyone, anywhere.
I hope you are able to feel the co-operation of my deep love, good wishes and pure feelings through this message.
So, my humble request is: Do not be afraid, but give the co-operation of truth and spiritual love. We cannot change what has happened, but we can definitely help by spreading vibrations of peace in the atmosphere.
Peace is experienced when we are able to elevate our consciousness beyond the physical and material and to remember one God. We can then draw power and light from the Sun of Knowledge. With this the rubbish of negativity is erased and light enters.
As we hear of war, bombings and natural calamities, we need to continue to ask ourselves: What am I doing? In God’s remembrance, with truth in the heart, let us share such vibrations that not only people, but the animal world too, experience comfort. We must not give or take sorrow, but perform such elevated actions that we receive blessings from everyone.
By performing elevated, charitable actions in God’s remembrance we can transform the world with peace and love. God, the Bestower of Peace and Happiness, says: This give-and-take of sorrow will soon finish.
Let the feeling of God’s peace and comfort reach every heart.
“Child: God, the Remover of Sorrow and the Comforter of Hearts, is sitting here for you.”
Om Shanti

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