lundi, janvier 12, 2009

Le message de paix de Dadi Janki pour 2009

Le 18 janvier est une journée mondiale de méditation et de silence pour favoriser la paix dans le monde. C'est aussi un jour de souvenir. On pense bien sûr à l'héritage spiriruel que nous a laissé Brahma Baba, il y a déjà 40 ans.

Voici le message, en anglais, de Dadi Janki, responsable de la direction des Brahma Kumaris. La phrase clef: lorsque nous nous renouvelons nous-mêmes, nous renouvelons le monde.
A New Year Message for 2009 from Dadi JankiA New Years Greeting from Dadi Janki - Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris
At the new year we pause to consider what it is we most want to create in the year ahead. Many have had the experience of making a commitment at the new year only to find a month later that their resolve has left and they are living their life as they did before. This kind of casual approach to creating the future has brought us the world we have now. We cannot afford to be casual about the world at this time. We cannot allow ourselves to be ordinary or to make ordinary effort.
This is a time when the nature of the world must be renewed. This can happen when we first take God’s love, God’s support, and God’s company in order to renew our own nature.
There are 5 types of “nature”:
1) The nature of the body
2) The nature of relationships
3) The nature of wealth
4) The nature of the five elements
5) The nature of the self and feelings of the self (bhav and swabhav)
When we renew our own nature…we begin to renew the world. Become a companion of God and you will make your nature elevated in each of these other aspects. We cannot afford to live an ordinary life. Each of us has specialties and we must call on those specialties now. When we renew our nature, we renew the world.
With love and elevated wishes for the new year,
Dadi Janki

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